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Health and Wellbeing Coach

Role Overview

Health and Wellbeing Coaches (HWBCs) will support people with lower levels of patient activation to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active participants in their care, in ordet to help them to reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals. They may also provide patients with access to self-management education, peer support and social prescribing.

HWBCs will support the person to self-identify existing issues and encourage proactive prevention of new and existing illnesses, using strong communication and negotiation skills, supporting personal choice and positive risk-taking, addressing potential consequences, and ensuring people understand the accountability of their own decisions based on what matters to the person.

They will work alongside people to coach and motivate them through multiple sessions, supporting them to self-identify their needs, set goals, and help them to implement their personalised health and care plan.

Career Pathway (as per HEE website)

  • HWBCs will be required to be trained in health coaching in line with the NHSE/I Implementation and quality summary guide
  • Training will include understanding the basics of social prescribing, plus an accredited health coaching skills programme (minimum of 4 days) and documented practice hours, along with opportunities for reflection and follow up activities
  • Ongoing regular supervision from a health coaching mentor is required. Any health coaching provider will have to be accredited by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI).

Useful Links

Select here to find out more about the role, including job descriptions, case studies and more: Health and Wellbeing Coach

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Useful Contacts

For more information on the role of Health and Wellbeing Coach, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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